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Below are some of the larger projects I have worked on over the last year followed by a sample of the everyday projects I work on. Please contact me for additional examples of my work.

School Bus

District Rebranding

The Hemet Unified School District was looking for a new logo and a branding strategy. I developed a logo that incorporated the history of the area using an actual outline of the surrounding mountains and historic icons representing the area. The district was looking for a  clean look that carried through the existing district colors of blue and yellow but also incorporated a new set of new secondary colors that would be used in digital and print media as well as uniforms, transportation and decor. I was asked to also developed a design standards guide that would be used by the entire district to reference as a style guide. I was also asked to put together a quick style guide that could easily accessed.

High School Exterior

Winchester Elementary School Rebrand

Winchester Elementary School needed an updated logo representing the school colors and mascot. The school needed a modern look to appeal to the current students and parents. A modern bobcat look was chosen keeping the current school colors of maroon and black.

Winchester Elementary School Branding
Winchester Elementary School
Students with Masks
Covid Return to School Guide

Covid Return to School Guide

A guide was needed to be sent out to employees, board members, stakeholders, and the community regarding what was to be planned for a return to school in the 2020-2021 school year. I was asked to take the information and design a guide that was easy to understand with easy-to-ready icons, images, and typography to convey the information. 


Academy of Innovation Branding

I was asked to design a logo for a new school created as a virtual academy during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was asked to use teal and grey and incorporate gears into a logo. I also created a style guide, advertising print media and a billboard.

Academy Logo

Library Wall Design

This library was being remodeled and I was asked to help create a fun design for the 57' wall that would make kids feel at home and also inspire them with STEM learning icons. I used geometric shapes and the library and school colors to construct a fun theme for the kids to look at and visually engage with.

Library Wall Mural
School Break

Front Office Window Design

This middle school asked for a rebrand that included a new logo that was more sophisticated than their previous logo which they felt was very clipart-based and elementary. They asked that their front office windows also be covered with the new logo and a design representing this new sophisticated look.

Middle School Front Office